Our Story

palmettophoto1.com engagement & wedding photography is based in Rock Hill, SC.

Since 2013 palmettophoto1.com has quickly gained a loyal following for our non-traditional style of wedding photography and videography. While we mostly serve the Carolina's, Georgia, & Florida, we also work in New York. And that's about the only places I like to go...so if you want us to go anywhere else let$ talk!



We're From Here.......my family has been in South Carolina since 1706! I am proud of our hand selected  team & their ability to step out of an uptown wedding straight into a lowcountry oyster roast without missing a step.  psst....we'll know all of the customs & traditions that go along with these events to.....only a few transplants on our team {my wife 😀 }!

We'll always get the bright, fresh, clean magazine style images of your engagement or wedding, but let's plan a few moments to capture some cool dramatic images while we're there. Rich with a history as colorful and dramatic as any, we believe the Carolina's are the perfect backdrop for capturing amazing engagement & wedding memories.

~ Tad Atkinson