Lowrys Engagement

Lowrys, An Engaging Christmas!

Lowrys Christmas Parade is always a big hit in the South Charlotte area. Often drawing estimated local crowds of 20,000 plus nearly 85,000 online views annually. The annual agricultural community parade is often used as an opportunity to pop the question. We recently caught up with one such couple. Lucky enough to catch their proposal at the 2016 Christmas Parade, we were honored to see them again for an official engagement session.


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Vintage weddings

Vintage weddings are perhaps one of the biggest stylistic explosions of recent years, following the trend for vintage styling in clothes and home décor. A number of photographers have built excellent brands concentrating on taking vintage style wedding photographs. However, if you’re not having a vintage styled wedding then there’s not much point having a vintage photographer.

Modern wedding photography

By this I mean wedding photography with vibrant colours, heads cut off pictures, photographs of feet, the sort of pictures your Mum probably isn’t going to really get and unless she’s a super cool Mum, she’s unlikely to put them up on the wall. If you’re into this style though I believe they can be very striking and create a real talking point.

Trash the dress/Rock the frock

Don’t know what to do with your wedding dress after the big day? Why not have a photo shoot after the wedding where you ‘Trash’ your dress, either in the sea, rolling around in a field or stood in a derelict building. Alternatively, you could have a ‘Rock the frock’ shoot. This is similar to ‘Trash the dress’ in that you get to wear your wedding dress again for a photo shoot, but this is more of a fashion shoot with the bride in a stunning or uber-cool location.

Black and white

Ok, so black and white isn’t exactly a new trend, obviously there was a time when you could only have black and white images, but recently I was asked to do a wedding with just black and white images. I was more than happy to do this, as I love monochrome. The pictures always look classy, have a great feel to them and are timeless. An all black and white wedding might not be to everyone’s taste, but it certainly provides some stunning images.”

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Knight Wedding













Edgmoor, SC
























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Wow He’s Fast…..

I had the opportunity to catch up with Jesse & Brad for some engagement photos. Brad is one hell of a beast when he sits under the glow of the tree that signals the start of a drag race.

While these images are far more tame…..I will be updating the gallery with a few not so traditional engagement photos later on.charlotte engagement photographers www.palmettophoto1.com-1011

Thanks so much to Brad & Jesse for allowing us to do their engagement photo shoot & entrusting their wedding day photography to us as well.

charlotte engagement photographers www.palmettophoto1.com-1130

By: Tad Atkinson

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China Engagement | Rock Hill SC Wedding Photographers

She says I’ll be famous in China….

This beautiful Bride Wei Mcabee tells me that I will be famous in her hometown in China when they arrive with all of the display prints for their traditional Chinese wedding. She tells us that the locals really love photography…..especially images that are not blah, blah, plain, old boring stuff!charlotte engagement photographers www.palmettophoto1.com-1042

I am so very thankful for the compliments and just knowing these images are going to be in heavy circulation on the other side of the globe is awesome!  Thanks so much Wei!

charlotte engagement photographers www.palmettophoto1.com-0919

We wish you both the very best and don’t forget to show me some images from the wedding!

By: Tad Atkinson

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Concord NC | Bridal Dinner

Hey Ladies!


Palmettophoto1 recently had the pleasure of a dinner with these beautiful ladies North of Charlotte in Concord, NC. We did sieze a few moments to stop traffic with some fun photos!

Thanks Ladies and Congratulations April!


I hope the man across the street that kept yelling to get ya’ll’s attention made it home ok!


By: Tad Atkinson

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Lee & Melissa Engagement | Rock Hill Wedding Photographers

if those girls could have taken us out….they would’ve”

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Lee and Melissa for an engagement photo shoot in Rock Hill. As is typical for a summer day in sunny South Carolina it was HOT!

We met at the downtown area and took advantage of several locations to create the vision that Melissa had for their engagement photos._MG_8349

Nostalgia crept in at the site where they first met, then we got some good contrast shots with a more urban feel.

Green space and tucked away alleys made for the perfect hideouts to steal a kiss and a few hugs.

We made our way back to the fountain park where the idea was brought up (Melissa) since it was so sweltering hot, to get some pictures of the couple with Lee “sans shirt”, so we made our way past a crowd that contained some 20 something females that definitely took notice.

I actually feared both mine and Melissa’s safety as we passed this group of young ladies as they gawked at the now shirtless Lee, I knew if they could have knocked us out and stole him they would not have thought twice.  Who says photography is not hazardous?


One of the most awesome parts of being a photographer is when you are allowed to witness genuine happiness!

And, I am honored that I will be their wedding photographer…..heck, I am just happy we all survived to make it to the wedding!Comp Engagement photos lee&Melissa