Lee & Melissa Engagement | Rock Hill Wedding Photographers

if those girls could have taken us out….they would’ve”

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Lee and Melissa for an engagement photo shoot in Rock Hill. As is typical for a summer day in sunny South Carolina it was HOT!

We met at the downtown area and took advantage of several locations to create the vision that Melissa had for their engagement photos._MG_8349

Nostalgia crept in at the site where they first met, then we got some good contrast shots with a more urban feel.

Green space and tucked away alleys made for the perfect hideouts to steal a kiss and a few hugs.

We made our way back to the fountain park where the idea was brought up (Melissa) since it was so sweltering hot, to get some pictures of the couple with Lee “sans shirt”, so we made our way past a crowd that contained some 20 something females that definitely took notice.

I actually feared both mine and Melissa’s safety as we passed this group of young ladies as they gawked at the now shirtless Lee, I knew if they could have knocked us out and stole him they would not have thought twice.  Who says photography is not hazardous?


One of the most awesome parts of being a photographer is when you are allowed to witness genuine happiness!

And, I am honored that I will be their wedding photographer…..heck, I am just happy we all survived to make it to the wedding!Comp Engagement photos lee&Melissa