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Morgan’s party is a network of photographers set up by the Palmetto Photography Group.

The network consists of  photographers throughout North and South Carolina that provide high quality photography services and fine art prints free of charge to families affected by pediatric illness.

 The Palmetto Photography Group  established the network after clients began to relay the significance of capturing moments of happy childhood events for ill children.

Essentially the same types of images that we were already providing clientssc phtographer wedding engagement children senior portrait event photo

The types of images that could in some way help families feel for a fleeting second…. those moments again.

“The Question soon became how could we not provide this program”….Tad Atkinson


Come on in…..the party is still on!


Palmetto Photography Group volunteering with Make-A-Wish® South Carolina helps make the Morgan’s Party Program available to wish recipient families.

“Often, if we can only see…light is on the path we should take”

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I had the pleasure of meeting Morgan for her seventh birthday party. My wife heard about Morgan through a friend and volunteered me, as she is prone to do, to photograph Morgan’s theatre party.

The party was an amazing theatre set up complete with admission tickets, concessions, and those oh so right smells of the authentic popcorn machine pop pop popping away! Genuine happiness could be heard… laughter, running, and playing, and birthday caking, and all those things that kids do that make them kids….loudly….happily……defiantly….despite the realities of the day.

One thing I always try to capture in our photography is the genuine emotion of a person. It can’t be described or posed….or quantified in anyway yet you know it absolutely when you see it. I saw genuine happiness bursting through that sweet face of Morgan’s that day! LIFE….stubbornly fighting through the illness within her head. I knew immediately upon seeing that sweet smile captured in the images just how precious those photographs would eventually become to Morgan’s family. ”

She and her Mom were totally immersed in the excitement of the gift they were opening, unaware of the world around them for those few ticks of time……THAT is life to me ” I learn so much  from all of the guests to the Morgan’s Party and truly am thankful for the gift of knowing them if only for a brief moment.

Pediatric cancer, DIPG, more specifically, lost its race with Morgan Savage just a few days after her party.0Z0B7423

Her cancer died that day….but Morgan lives on through the Morgan’s Party Program, Roll With It Morgan as well as organizations battling pediatric illness everywhere. sc photographer wedding photos make a wish morgan's party

Through this and several other activities Morgan still runs her race…but her cancer is finished!

It is my sincere hope that all who visit this page will punch the ADMIT ONE button above and meet Morgan and her friends and see the sweet smile that started this program.


Thanks Robert, Courtney, & Harrison for allowing me to spend those precious moments with your family.

By: Tad Atkinson

We provide this service free of charge to any families dealing with pediatric illness. Please feel free to contact us with any needs.

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Special thanks to Make-A-Wish® South Carolina & others, you know who you are!


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